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Mystery Food Crime…and the Ladies

I have just begun to put together the site I’ve always wanted! Perhaps I was not procrastinating…maybe Higher Self was merely waiting until WordPress developed Nuntius!  In any event here I am…an old hand at writing darn near everything, but brand-new at using this wonderful site to store, enhance, portal…and most exciting, use this as a place to work…

I share one of these Menus with my grandson Travis who with his Grany (…”everybody knows how to spell an ordinary ‘Granny’, but you are special – so spelled ‘Grany’)…we are working on a YA mystery series related to our travels and experiences together from around the country and around the world…the crafty, the mysterious  and the paranormal.

One of the Menus is For the Ladies – a content from the weekly newspaper column I wrote from 1989-1992.  Good stuff.  History. Women!

Food and Mystery Menu encompasses a host of What Not’s that I am to fill to overflowing…

Thank you for having me…Welcome to my Home! BELOW: One of the first Lady Detective Books…

Marco Aurelio and Me…my inspiration and my best critic


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