Combining Food and Crime! The Irish Dinner Case

Chapter 1: Meet Pete Kelly:

Short-form of “Petrucia” Pete is a contract behaviorist for the LAPD, having retired from civilian Army service.  Pete looks at crime scenes from a different perspective from her detective and crime scene analyst colleagues: she looks at food – what they ate, what was in the refrigerator, the pantry, the garage, the trash.  Anything she can suss out to aid the rest of the team in its search for the perp and the resolution for the dead Pete willingly rushes in to observe and analyse.  The first in our series of stories is “Pete Kelly’s Blue”.  Did I mention that the detective, Padrick O’Brien is a former Army colleague of Pete’s when the two were working together in Germany 30 years earlier?! Gotta have some spice! This is Pete moving quickly to and from crime scenes…oh, and that 30’s silhouette above? That one with the long legs and the innuendo of sitting on the pistol? Well, that dear readers, Pete reserves for bubble-bath mind-wandering!

Stay tuned…

S.E. Shirley



Chapter 1:

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