Enzo’s on 76

Life is Better Red

Enzo’s on 76
11214 76 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Enzo's on 76 on Urbanspoon

I’d started a post a couple of weeks ago to mark the milestone of my 100th post. Well, that was all fine and well, but then suddenly when I thought my life couldn’t get any busier, it did! In the most wonderful, exciting way mind you, but still, busy. More on that later. 🙂

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Jenn for dinner on a random Thursday night. I owed her a dinner out and suggested a few new restaurants. She decided on Enzo’s and I happily agreed. Yum, more Italian food!

Enzo's on 76

We met up after work at about 5:30 and the restaurant was about half full. It’s right in the middle of the McKernan neighbourhood and has a wonderful, warm and inviting atmosphere. It definitely felt like a neighbourhood place.

It had been kind of a crazy week…

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