Tomato, Tomato

Last gasp of the glorious tomato-on-the-vine…ravishing colors…an opera of textures, aromas and tastes…

The Hines'

Please tell me that you read my title with a different accent for each ‘tomato’. That’s what I was thinking in my head when I wrote it.

This year, Theo and I attempted our first garden. Ok, I actually can’t really take any credit for it. Theo did all the work planting, transplanting, coaxing to grow, watering, and weeding. Now he is doing all the picking, too! We moved into our house in early May and Theo planted the plants in the garden plot as soon as possible. This garden plot was used last summer as well. Some things were off to a great start, some things really struggles, and some plants never even made it out of the ground. BUT, a lot of seedlings from last years garden sprouted up! Due to all the seedlings from last years garden, mixed with the seeds planted this year, WE HAVE TONS…

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