Pursuing the Perp

Following my “gut”, “listening to my inner voice”, “listening to the crime scene” – all of these phrases we have heard more than once. There are really good reasons for human beings with training and those descriptions to “walk” a crime scene. 360 degrees…up and down…in and out and around…over and over until we get a sense of the crime: of the victim first and foremost, of the scene, of the perpetrator. Walk around (alone if possible) and speak first-thoughts into a tiny recorder. Snap pictures of anything that appears “interesting” to you.
These activities allow the senses to pick up and catalog much more than can be recorded by Crime Scene Techs. Remember it is their job to get everything recorded and they are invaluable checks-and-balances to the detective.
Intuit what is NOT there as well as what IS there at the scene. Most detectives will tell you that the smallest bit of evidence eventually leads to the arrest and conviction (because that is, after all, why we’re there in the first place) of the doer.
FEELING the crime scene cannot be corroborated by any other crime scene tool; it is the essence of the great detective, who will later carefully observe the video and photographic evidence for purposes of clarification and verification. It cannot be stressed enough: verify, verify and then go back and verify!
Happy hunting fellow “detectives”!

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